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Time spent on your website, that is. You want visitors to stay on your website longer... hang out for a little while... see what you have to offer. maybe click through to other pages and contact you to purchase goods and services. That would be nice! Well, it's about time you found the answer to cost effective video marketing.

Whiteboard animation videos from ScribbleVoice can certainly increase time spent on your website. It's a different kind of video that compels viewers to stick around and see what's going to happen next on the screen. And we don't just produce an explainer video; we produce a story that's fun to watch!

ScribbleVoice Process

ScribbleVoice Process

  • First we have a consultation to get to know your company, product or service.
  • Next, you submit any of your own images, logos, etc. that you would like featured in the video. Don't worry; we have access to thousands of other images to compliment what you have.
  • Then we get to work in our Brainstorming Department to internally discuss how we will be turning your idea into a compelling ScribbleVoice video.
  • Our ideas are then submitted to the copywriting team.
  • Next, we get a custom soundtrack produced. And since our background is audio development, our attention to sound is impeccable!
  • After sound design comes the animation and scribble process.
  • We then internally critique, discuss, and pick apart the video to make sure it's worthy of a first preview, from our point of view, of course!
  • After fine-tuning your video, we upload it to an unlisted YouTube link to get your take on the video.
  • You then guide us in what changes you would like to have us implement.
  • Once you say it's good-to-go, we then deliver it in the format that best suits your needs.  

ScribbleVoice Approval

Free Video Revisions

FREE Revision Sessions!
Many clients ask us if they can see the progress in mid-production. Once our creative team starts the ScribbleVoice process, we sometimes just can’t stop! It’s a creative “groove” we get into. We often come up with new ideas and concepts as we build your story. When you have the opportunity to view a complete video, you get to see it as your viewers would see it for the first time. That's why you get free revision sessions included in your package.

If we present you with a video that you feel needs a different concept, changes, tweaks, or adjustments, we will be happy to make sure it’s just right. Plus, if you do not like the original voice or music that we use to present the first “draft”, you will have the opportunity to choose alternate audio options. Once approved, we will deliver it!

Every ScribbleVoice order comes with at least 3 FREE pre-approval revision sessions.   

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