imageOnHold123™ Music is fully licensed, so you don't need to worry about hidden or recurring fees. Choose your music by sampling the tracks in the "Music Choices" tab below. Don't hear what you're looking for? Just tell your Creative Specialist what you need. We have access to thousands of additional tracks.

Click |<< or >>| for Previous or Next track title; You may also click a specific track title. The scroll bar to the right (desktop only) of the player will help you access tracks quickly.

Are We Flexible or What?

On Hold marketing Flexible

Different Notes for Different Folks

There are different needs for every company. That's why we offer choices in music styles and tempos. And if you have a specific request in HOW the music is implemented in your program, let us know.

Our Technique

We have a standard when it comes to the production technique of your music background mixed with your voice talent choice. In general, each voiced message is approximately 30 to 40 seconds in length. Even though the music will play throughout the spoken message, we "bridge" or transition each message with approximately 6 to 10 seconds of just music. If, for any reason, you need a shorter or longer gap between messages, we can certainly accommodate your needs.

Jingle All The Way!

If you have invested in having a custom jingle produced for previous marketing projects, add it to your On Hold program! As long as you own the rights to use that jingle as you wish, just email us the audio file or send us the CD. We can incorporate that jingle into your On Hold program.

OnHold123™ is Flexible in How Your Music is Featured Throughout Your On Hold Program.

On Hold Licensing

NOT Acceptable

The use of copyrighted music is not for free use in the public domain. That means playing your radio, favorite CDs, or Mp3 music files through your On Hold system would be considered copyright infringement and may be subject to large fines or even lawsuits from the copyright holder.

The most common issue we run into would be the following example: John Smith from a restaurant called "New York Pasta" would like to produce an On Hold program with background music consisting of "New York New York" by Frank Sinatra. Unless the restaurant has been granted rights to use that song for the purposes of advertising, it would be considered copyright infringement and subject to large fines.

To obtain rights for use, one must contact the copyright holder and negotiate terms for using the song or a replication of it.


When you purchase On Hold services from a Music On Hold or Message On Hold vendor, it is usually the vendor that takes care of all music licensing fees. Or you may be charged a recurring licensing fee for the right to use the music.

On Hold 123, Inc. offers services with music licensing fees already paid. Thanks to our relationships with specific music providers, we are able to offer a wide selection of music choices. By paying OUR fees to these providers, we have been granted the right to use all of the music within the context of productions from our studios for any and all purposes in all media, whether now known or hereafter developed throughout the world, in perpetuity.

What About The Music I Hear in Stores?

Most often when you visit a store or restaurant, the overhead music you hear is a subscription service. They receive programming via satellite, broadband, or media discs that they pay a subscription fee to use.