imageMake your brand "move" with a variety of animated video marketing solutions by AudioMenu Creative Group. Video is among the fastest growing forms of marketing content. We can tell your story while keeping the viewer captivated.


ScribbleVoice Whiteboard Animation

ScribbleVoice Whiteboard Animation

You want visitors to stay on your website longer... hang out for a little while... see what you have to offer. Maybe click through to other pages and contact you to purchase goods and services. That would be nice! Well, it's about time you found the answer to cost effective video marketing.

ScribbleVoice whiteboard animation videos can certainly increase time spent on your website. It's a different kind of video that compells viewers to stick around and see what's going to happen next on the screen. And we don't just produce an explainer video; we produce a story that's fun to watch!

Package it into a TV Spot, and get ready to reach an even broader audience!

MiniViddy Toon Video

MiniViddy Animation Videos

Getting the message to a viewer in a short span of time is a difficult task. But not when you have an ultra creative team acheiving that task. MiniViddy™ is a short, toon-style animated business video that's fun to watch! We can tell the story of your product or service in less than a minute. Perfect for websites and social marketing channels.

MicroViddy 10 Second Toon

MicroViddy 10 Second Videos

Less is more! A MicroViddy™ leaves your current and potential clients no choice but to watch the entire video! Produce a package of 5 or 10, and keep your followers begging to see the next installment.